Skills required to work in banking jobs in Egypt

All students or fresh graduates who want to work in banking jobs do not know what skills are required to work in banks and what are the criteria on the basis of which selection in banking jobs is made.

There are several skills that all students and fresh graduates must acquire in order to be able to work stably in the jobs required in banks.

These skills help you work in a bank in different jobs, such as the CIB Bank customer service job or other jobs in different sectors of work, as well as the banking call center job and methods of dealing with customers.

These skills make them able to pass the tests necessary to work in banking jobs and also make them able to deal with the largest number of clients and provide excellent job stability.

Skills for working in banks

Skills needed for banking jobs in 2024

First, we must define the processes related to banking jobs and the most important skills needed to work in an excellent manner and perform all the tasks required for all customers quickly.

Banking jobs at the present time and in 2024 have become the dream of many students and fresh graduates in various colleges because of the advantages it provides them, but these skills must also be acquired to obtain a bank job.

These skills make you able to obtain a job opportunity in many banks, such as National Bank of Egypt jobs, CIB Bank jobs, Qatar National Bank jobs, and many other banks that operate with the same banking system.

Working in banking jobs makes you able to make some correct financial decisions regarding the direction of work and development required in banking jobs and many other jobs in the banking sector.

Basic skills for working in banks:

There are skills that are not important for work, and these skills do not benefit you much, but there are also basic skills that are required, and without them you cannot obtain a job opportunity, whether in banking jobs or any jobs in general.

Core skills are skills that are frequently used at work and that help complete the functional skills needed to work independently.

You must work to acquire these skills and develop them continuously so that you can deal with all customers in different ways and gain the necessary experience to work in banking jobs.

English language skills:

Some may consider that English language skills are not important for working in banking jobs in Egypt because, quite simply, 99% of Egyptian clients are dealt with, and this is wrong.

Learn English skills for banking jobs

The English language is important in banking jobs because most of the devices used at work operate in English and not Arabic or another language. Therefore, the English language must be known so that the employee can use these devices.

Also, the work systems in the banks are different and they all work in the English language, as it is not the mother tongue for the practical programs in the banks in various specializations, such as the ERP system or the Oracle system and many other systems that work only in the English language.

For these reasons, the English language must be learned and developed continuously to maintain a chance at banking jobs.

English language skills can also be developed by taking completely free online English language courses from educational platforms or websites that provide this type of courses.

Free English language skills development course

Computer Skills:

We all know that the computer is indispensable at the present time, as it has become largely dominant in the business market and has almost ended the era of paper transactions because of the ease it provides in completing tasks.

You must work on continuously acquiring computer skills and obtain developments and updates related to all operational processes and work systems in banks.

Computer skills needed for banking jobs

In all banks, work is done using computers in all departments and all banking functions, Therefore, computer skills must be learned and the programs used in calculations, writing, listing, sending, and problem solving must be learned.

All fresh graduates who want to work in banks must develop their computer skills and try to learn the basics of e-learning in all jobs for all people and departments.

Computer skills can be learned through online courses with practical application on your device, and there are many free online computer courses available through YouTube channels or courses on educational websites.

Computer skills are not limited only to operating the computer and opening programs, but there are important programs that must be learned, such as:

  • Microsoft office programs
  • Sap and Odoo programs
  • Accounting programs
  • Oracle system
  • ERP system

And many important tools to qualify you to work in banking jobs and to help you complete functional processes related to job-related tasks.

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Teamwork skills:

Teamwork skills are considered intangible skills that help to form a good team in dealing with and acquiring skills from each other.

Therefore, we must work to develop teamwork skills by mingling with others, participating in performing tasks, and working together to implement one specialized task in an advanced manner in joint work.

There are many free courses available online that help you develop teamwork skills and explore ways of dealing with others, because these are among the most important skills required to work in banking jobs.

Free teamwork skills course in Arabic

Information about banking jobs:

Knowing information about banking jobs will greatly help you pass personal interviews for employment in banks.

Among the skills required to work in banking jobs is knowing the basic information about the bank applying for the jobs.

Banking basics course:

The Basics of Banking course is one of the skills required to work in banking jobs, Therefore, one must work to acquire all the skills present in the course repeatedly and work in advanced functional processes through job objectives.

The Basics of Banking course helps many recent graduates obtain an opportunity in banking jobs and understand the requirements for working in the banking and financial sector in general.

Free banking principles course in Arabic

Professional CV:

The CV is one of the most important steps that helps you get the opportunity to take exams for banking jobs, so you must work on designing a professional CV.

Design a professional CV

Now there are filtering programs that help human resources officials reduce the number of CVs submitted for jobs and only all CVs that are appropriate for the job.

You must design a professional CV that has appropriate specifications for filtering programs so that you can get a chance at banking jobs.

The CV is one of the skills required to work in banking jobs, so great care must be taken to design it professionally.

Now you can design a professional CV tailored to work in banks for 100 Egyptian pounds from here.


We have explained the basic information required for knowledge related to banking functions and knowledge of business basics related to job objectives.

The skills required to work in banking jobs were clarified and explained so that all recent graduates can develop these skills and undertake job-related tools.

Skills required to work in banking jobs in Egypt
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