Orange customer service job 2024

 Orange is considered one of the best companies that offers suitable jobs in many special fields of work.

Orange Company offers a customer service job for all colleges with different estimates and makes the recruitment process easy for everyone.

Orange Company announces the opening of recruitment for a customer service position for students and university graduates in a very special way.

Orange jos

Orange company jobs - customer service job

Orange Company is one of the leading companies in the field of communications in the world, which helps many young people and graduates to obtain prestigious jobs across the Republic in an advanced manner so that they can improve their financial income by obtaining a jos at Orange Company.

The company seeks to provide many jobs in various fields to all people in Egypt and the world in order to help graduates develop their practical level and obtain practical experience in their field of work.

The customer service job is one of the easy jobs that anyone can deal with and carry out the tasks specific to this job, but there are some skills that a customer service official must possess.

Skills required in a customer service job:

There are many skills that a person applying for a customer service job must have in a developed manner so that he can get the job easily.

Communication skills:

The customer service representative must have high skills in communicating with people and customers well so that he can help them perform their service in an advanced and easy manner.

Communication skills develop greatly at work. The applicant must mingle with clients and try to deal with them well in order to develop his communication skills.

Computer Skills:

This skill is considered one of the most required skills in the labor market, especially in the customer service job, because it helps the person perform customer tasks faster and thus fulfill many customer requests in a faster and more advanced manner.

You must work hard to develop computer skills and perform many tasks so that the person can deal with computers faster and accomplish a greater number of tasks required of him.

Doing a lot of tasks makes people able to deal with the computer more quickly and gain a greater amount of practical tasks and known experiences.

Work under pressure:

Working under pressure is one of the most difficult skills, and the customer service manager must work to develop this skill continuously in order to improve the quality of his work.

Customer service is one of the jobs that many seek to develop their level of in this tool in an advanced and well-known manner at the level of teamwork in all jobs.

Working under pressure helps you bear the job burden to a great extent and helps you do several prestigious jobs.

Team Working:

Teamwork is one of the skills of a social nature, the owner of which possesses a lot of private information in a way that is known to be dealt with by all members of the team at work.

This skill can be developed by working a lot during all known operations in an exceptional way, which makes all people perform the tasks required of them and help the rest of the team members well.

Orange customer service job

Importance of the customer service function:

The customer service job is one of the most important tasks on a practical level in all the world because it helps you discover many other jobs easier and deal with all segments of society.

You can obtain many well-known tasks in an advanced manner and extract all the tools that all users obtain in a customer service job by choosing some skills and working to develop them to help them obtain the required jobs in the labor market.

There are many other customer service jobs spread that require the same skills, such as Talaat Mostafa customer service, Banque Misr customer service, and many other jobs.

Orange customer service job details:

  • Knowledge of Office programs
  • Customer service skills
  • Ability to solve problems
  • Application for students and graduates

Job features:

  1. The first month work from the company and the second from home
  2. Working hours are 8 hours
  3. Salary 3100
  4. laptop
  5. Two days off

Applying for an Orange customer service job

Apply for Orange Customer service job

Orange customer service job 2024
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